Khosrau 2. Escapes To Constantinople

Khosrau 2. Escapes To Constantinople... 23/11/589 History, #Avar, #Bahram_Chubin, #Constantinople, #Fucas, #Ghobad, #Khosrau, #Khosrau_Parviz, #Parviz, #Ray, #Roman, #Shirouyeh, #Tisfun

Khosrau Parviz AKA Khosrau 2, escapes to Constantinople in order to get help from Maurice, the East Roman emperor and fight Bahram Chubin, an army general from the city of Ray who became a rebel after being dismissed from his duty. Maurice gave a full army under Khosrau's command. With help from his native supporters, Bahram's army was defeated in 591. However Maurice could not fight back an attack from Avar nation and subsequently was overthrown by an uprising in Constantinople. On Nov, 27, 602 He was on his way to Tisfun to get help from Khosrau when he was killed and Fucas took his place.
Khosrau 2 was killed by nobles and with the help of his son Shirouyeh (Ghobad 2) in 627....

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