The War Of Carrhae Episode I

The War Of Carrhae Episode I... 07/09/610BC History, #Arab, #Ashur, #Ashur_Uballit_2, #Assyria, #Assyrian, #Babylon, #Carrhae, #Egyptian, #Euphrates, #Hoakhtar, #Iran, #Iranian, #Nineveh, #Palestine, #Pharaoh, #Syria, #Uballit

Ashur Uballit 2 who claimed Assyrian kingdom entered an alliance with Egyptian Pharaoh at the price of Palestine and Syria and gathered forces in Carrhae to fight against Babylon. But they could not resist the allied Iran-Babylon forces and retreated to the west of Carrhae. According to an agreement made between two kings Nebu Pulassar and Hoakhtar, Iran's borders extended to mid Euphrates including Nineveh and Assyria.
Unlike other conquerers that destroyed cities and took slaves, Iranians treated people so well, freed slaves, let people practice their own religions to the extent that there was no uprising against them. Therefore Assyrians became part of Iranian nation until the Arab invasion 1255 years later. Still Iranians observed a master-vassal relationship between nobles and peasants which can be called feudalism that may have been suitable for it's time but caused discontent among people centuries later that led to collapse of the empire....

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