Shapour 2. Gives A Last Ultimatum To Romans

Shapour 2. Gives A Last Ultimatum To Romans... 03/12/359 History, #Amida, #Constantinus, #Iranian, #Roman, #Shapour, #Shapour_2, #Syria

After seizing Amida, Shapour 2 sent a warning letter to the Roman Constantinus to retreat from Iranian territories immediately so that situation would turn to normal. Romans were piling up and disturbing tax collection.The letter was received on Dec, 3rd. The Roman emperor was trying to gain time and preferred not to answer it until discussing it at the senate. But Shapour did not wait. He cleaned Syria from Romans and was proceeding into East Roman territories. While Constantinus was gathering forces, he got sick and died in fever. It took his successor Julian 2 years to gather necessary forces for a counter strike....

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