Cambyses Attends Akitu Festival

Cambyses Attends Akitu Festival... 27/03/538BC History, #Akitu, #Bactria, #Cambyses, #Cyrus, #Cyrus_The_Great, #Esagila, #Nabonidus, #Nabu, #Satrap

The Chronicle of Nabonidus, states:that prince Cambyses, son of Cyrus The Great attended the Akitu festival which was an important ceremony for Babylonians. Nabonidus had lost popularity because of not attending the religious ceremony and Cyrus himself was not able to attend it. So he appointed Cambyses, the crown prince to honor Babylonian traditions in which the statue of the god Nabu was brought to the Esagila temple according to the ritual regulations. After one year Cambyses became Satrap of Bactria; this in term became a tradition to prepare the crown prince for kingdom....

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