Intaphrenes Takes Back Babylon

Intaphrenes Takes Back Babylon... 27/11/521BC History, #Ahouramazda, #Arkha, #Armenian, #Babylon, #Behistun_Inscription, #Dariush, #Haldita, #Intaphrenes, #Nabonidus, #Nebu_Chadnezzar

Intaphrenes who was one of the noblemen that assisted Dariush in ascending to the throne was sent with an army to Babylon to suppress the uprising started on August, 25 leaded by Arkha, the son of an Armenian named Haldita Arkha claimed to be Nebu Chadnezzar, the son of Nabonidus, last king of the independent Babylon but he was briefly defeated on Nov, 11 and executed together with his top aids. Intaphrenes had the title of bow carrier which was similar to right hand of the king that could even recruit an army. This was the second rebellion in Babylon in the same year. The first one was suppressed by Dariush himself.
In Behistun Inscription Dariush insists that all these leaders gather people around themselves using lies and tricks and his message to the future generation is to be honest and not to lie. He ordered the content of the inscription be written in different places and in different languages. It is remarkable that his greatest achievement was to become victorious in nineteen different wars in less than two years in the vast empire and bring peace and security back to the country. He also mentions Ahouramazda's name a lot as the only one who helped him through these wars....

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