Vahyazdata Of Persia Arrested

Vahyazdata Of Persia Arrested... 15/07/521BC History, #Arachosia, #Bactria, #Dadarshi, #Dariush, #Hystaspes, #Pasargadae, #Persia, #Persian, #Persian_Empire, #Satrap, #Vahyazdata, #Vivana

On March, 8th. Vivana in Arachosia defeated an army sent by Vahyazdata and the Satrap of Bactria Dadarshi stayed loyal to Dariush. In summer, all resistances against Dariush were being suppressed one after another. The Parthians were now trapped between Hystaspes and Dadarshi from the east and the army of Dariush from the west. Parthians surrendered on July, 11 and four days later Vahyazdata was arrested while on the run. Vahyazdata and his chief followers were soon crucified. Dariush was now the ruler of the Persian Empire and his coronation took place in Pasargadae....

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