Maziar Executed In Samara

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Maziar was the ruler of Mazandaran province from Espahbodan family. Mazandaran was probably the only state in Iran that the Caliphates could not fully take under control because of dense forests and patriotic residents. However, his brother Koohyar was deceived by the Caliph spies and took him to Maziar's hiding where he was arrested and taken to the Caliph Motasem in Samara. There he was tortured and executed and like his fellow fighter Babak Khorramdin was hung by the city entrance. Motasem had previously recognized Mazandaran as an autonomous state. This was his policy to trick freedom fighters into negotiations and killing them. The uprisings of Maziar, Afshin, and Babak, though suppressed by the Caliph, revived Iranian national dignity and paved way for Booyeh family who were sons of a fisherman to rise and conquer Baghdad in 945....

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