Prince Abbas Is Born

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Prince Abbas Mirza, later to become Shah Abbas of Safavian Dynasty was born on Jan, 27, 1571 and became king in October 1587 after a coup against his inept father: Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh. He managed to defeat strong enemies such as the Uzbek tribes and the Ottoman Empire
Shah Abbas was born in Herat which was the center of Greater Khorasan. He was the third son of Shah Mohammad Khodabandeh. When he heard that the Kizilbash leaders were using his blind father like a puppet king for their own benefits, he stormed the capital Qazvin and staged a coup against his father.
The Kizilbash had slaughtered his mother Mahdolia who was against their meddling in state affairs. Because of such bad memories from Qazvin, Shah Abbas moved the capital to Isfahan and reorganized the army so that it was no more based on a tribal contribution. He also modernized the army using firearms and cannons. He pursued an active foreign policy and used conflicts among Europeans to liberate Bandar Abbas and Hormoz Island from the Portuguese.
Chehelsotoon, Alighapoo, Shah Mosque, and Naghshejahan square in Isfahan were built during the reign of Shah Abbas the Great. He also ordered building a great church for Christians in Jolfa. Shah Abbas died on Jan, 19, 1629 in Behshahr and was buried in Kashan. There are dark pages in his life that ended with slaying of his own son Safi Mirza and blinding his other son Khodabandeh....

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