Ghazan Khan Dies

Ghazan Khan Dies... 11/05/1304 History, #Chengiz_Khan, #Christian, #Egypt, #Ghazan, #Hulagu, #Ilkhanates, #Islam, #Khan, #Mamluks, #Mongol, #Oljaitu, #Persia, #Qazvin, #Tabriz

After the death of Chengiz Khan, the vast Mongol empire was divided into four pieces. The Ilkhanates founded by Hulagu Khan in 1256 ruled in Persia for 80 years. Ghazan Khan came to power in 1295. Born from a Christian mother and a Budhist father, he had converted to Islam and taken the name Mahmoud in 1292 . The followers of other faiths soon started experiencing a hard time. On his way back from a war with Mamluks of Egypt where Ghazan Khan was defeated, he became sick in Tabriz and finally died near Qazvin.
After Ghazan Khan's death, his brother Oljaitu who had converted to Islam at the same time and taken the name Mohammad succeeded him but the Ilhanates disintegrated in 1335 leaving behind a heritage of chaos, corruption and disorder....

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