Last Seljuk King Killed

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After almost a century, the Seljuk dynasty reached its end. Following Sultan Sanjar's death, the Seljuks entered a power struggle which gave the Kharazm king Ilarslan the opportunity to capture most of Transoxiana and parts of Khorasan. Upon Ilarslan's death, his son Alaaddin Takesh won a decisive battle over his brother Soltanshah and assumed the Kharazm throne. Alaaddin Takesh, then defeated and killed the last Seljuk king, Toghrol 3 in battlefield on March, 26, 1194.
During the reign of Alaaddin Takesh, all of Khorasan, Rhagae, and parts of Iraq was captured which made the Caliph unhappy because the Seljuks acted as his vassals. In June, 1200, his successor Alaaddin Mohammad ascended the Kharazm throne and called himself Kharazmshah. He did not submit to the Abbasi Caliph either. Thus, in Feb, 1220, when Chengiz Khan passed Seyhoon with an army of 200,000 men, he was fighting in several fronts and did not have much chance against the most dreadful army of the world....

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