King Balash Dethroned

King Balash Dethroned... 17/11/487 History, #Anoushirvan, #Caspian, #Ghobad, #Huns, #Kavadh, #Khazars, #Khosrau, #Pirouz, #Sassanid, #Vologases, #White_Huns, #Zarmehr

Although general Zarmehr had defeated the fWhite Huns, Balash (Vologases) was cleared off his rights as king and blinded due to his weak position against White Huns. During a secret assembly among the Sassanid nobles and leaders. Ghobad (Kavadh) son of Pirouz was declared king. He then gathered an army that cleared the area north of Caspian sea from Khazars. The state of Hephtalites was later destroyed by Anoushirvan (Khosrau) in 561 AD....

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