Heraclius Defeats The Iranian Army

Heraclius Defeats The Iranian Army...
1host2u.com 09/12/622 History

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Bringing the True Cross from Jerusalem to Tisfun had made Christians angry. Roman emperor Heraclius used this occasion to use the gold in churches for mintage and gathered a great army including Turkic Khazar mercenaries.
Emperor Heraclius transported his army through the Aegean sea and took the Sassanid army by surprise. The encounter took place at a strategic ground near the small river town of Issus below the difficult inland mountains, now in the Turkish Province of Hatay. During the battle, also known as the Third Battle of Issus the Iranian army was defeated and retreated to Tisfun.
Khosrau 2 was jailed and killed after 4 days by the council of the elite and his son Ghobad was seated on the throne. This is the beginning of the end of the Persian Empire.
Muslims interpret this defeat of Persians by Romans as the prophecy in the al Rum Sura of Quran ....

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