Cyrus The Great Enters Babylon

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The Achaemenid king, and the founder of Iran, Cyrus The Great became king in 559 B.C. Born in 585 B.C., he was a nobleman in all ways. His father was Cambyses son of Cyrus and his great grand fathers were all Persian kings generation after generation. His mother Mandana was the daughter of Astyages who was from a continuous generation of Median rulers. Cyrus was called the father of his people.
He defeated the Median king Astyages who sent an army to Anshan commanded by Harpagus in 550. This implied taking over several subject Median countries: Armenia, Cappadocia, Parthia, Drangiana, and Aria ruled by vassal kings called Satraps.
His army defeated Crusus and captured Sardis in 545 B.C. adding Lydia to his realm. One of the greatest historical events of all times is conquering Babylon and capturing king Nabonidus by the Persian army with almost no resistance. There, Cyrus The Great freed the Jews from their Babylon captivity, and Aramaic language was instituted to the greater near east as official language. Cyrus was killed in 530 B.C. fighting against a nomadic tribe called Massagetes in today's Kazakhstan and left his reign to Cambyses.
His mother had died same year in winter when Cyrus was in Pars. People of Akkad and Babylon mourned his death for 5 days according to inscriptions left from priest of Babylon. According to Torah, Cyrus The Great is the Messiah sent by Yahweh while Babylonians claimed Cyrus was sent by their God; That makes Cyrus the great and whatever he left for us as a world heritage. His legacy is the founding not only of an empire but of a culture and civilization that continued to expand after his death and lasted for two centuries....

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