The Battle Of The Halys

The Battle Of The Halys... 30/05/585BC History, #Alyattes, #Ankara, #Ariyana, #Astyages, #Halys, #Hoakhtar, #Iran, #Lydia, #Sadyattes, #Sardis, #Scythians

Hoakhtar's latest recorded act is the battle of the Halys, fought against the Lydian king Alyattes the son of Sadyattes at Sardis. Alyattes had given refuge to a group of nomad Scythians who had betrayed Hoakhtar and fled after killing his son. Alyattes refused to give up the Scythians which started a war lasting for 5 years.
First encounter took place near today's Ankara where Alyattes fled away. But Hoakhtar followed him and they fought several indecisive battles. In the 6th year, just before Hoakhtar's victory, day became night and the eclipse of the sun took place near the Halys River, which was a great sign for them meaning gods are not happy The two kings made a peace treaty and the Halys river became the new border between Iran and Lydia. A peace between them was sealed with a marriage between the Alyattes's daughter Ariyana and Hoakhtar's son and his successor Astyages.
Hoakhtar died ten years after the battle of Halys....

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