Gaumata Revolts Or Was He Bardia?

Gaumata Revolts Or Was He Bardia?... 11/03/522BC History, #Amasis_2, #Apis, #Atoosa, #Bardia, #Behistun_Inscription, #Cambyses, #Cyrus, #Damascus, #Dariush, #Egypt, #Gaumata, #Persian

Cambyses had a reign full of speculations. Some historians say he married his own sister Atoosa, assassinated his own brother Bardia, killed the sacred Apis bull of Egypt, burnt the body of Amasis 2, and committed suicide in 522 BC; to this account he was mentally sick. On the other hand it's certain that he had reduced the temple taxes and did his best to behave people well just like his father.
For one thing, it is certain that the priests did not like him because he limited their sources of income and there were many rumors and lies surrounding his life but he died on his way back home near Damascus. The last letter that is referred to Cambyses' reign was dated 18 April 522
According to the Behistun Inscription Gaumata revolted on March, 11, 522 claiming to be Bardia, the younger son of Cyrus and he became king on July, 1, 522 But the elite chose Dariush as their leader. Dariush married Atoosa to reinforce his legitimacy and moved fast to suppress the revolt of Gaumata who had already found many followers from Persian and Median. All available sources indicate that Dariush and six noblemen killed Gaumata on Sep, 29, 522....

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