Babak Khorramdin Executed

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Babak Khorramdin introduced a new social and religious doctrine and rose against the Abbasi Caliphate with a revolutionary movement that stormed through north and northwest Iran. Babak was finally defeated by Caliph Forces leaded by a fellow Iranian general named Afshin the son of Kavoos. While he was trying to flee, he was arrested on Aug, 3, 837 A.D. in Armenia.
Babak was sent to Samara. After months of torture, the Abbasi Caliph Al Motasem ordered his execution on Jan, 4, 838, by cutting his arms and legs and hung the rest of his body outside the Samara city gate for display. His head was sent to be displayed in Khorasan. Uprisings against Arab invaders had just accelerated; Babak, Maziar, and Afshin were three of the rebel leaders in northern Iran fighting against rulers in Baghdad. Babak was a follower of Mazdak at the same time, asking for social justice and equal rights. Babak's followers who were mostly from Azerbaijan area used to wear red uniforms resembling the red communist movements centuries later. It's notable that Iranians living in northwestern Iran remained loyal Zoroastrians until the Safavid dynasty.
Maziar and Afshin also were captured and executed in a cruel manner which had become the style of Abbasi Caliphs.
Babak Khorramdin's Castle on top of a mountain in Kalibar, East Azerbaijan is the tourist attraction. Babak's Statue is erected in several cities in Greater Iran....

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