Bactra Falls

Bactra Falls... 06/01/663 History, #Afghanistan, #Bactra, #Bactria, #Caliphate, #Chinese, #Herat, #Iran, #Iranian, #Khorasan, #Pirouz, #Taizong, #Yazdgerd

Prince Pirouz (Firooz), the son of Yazdgerd 3rd was trying to re-arrange an army to fight back invading Caliph Forces who were ravaging Iranian territories. After he was disappointed in getting support from the Chinese, he went north. Some Caliphate army units which were pursuing him reached Bactra, the capital of Bactria which was one of the four main cities of the greater Khorasan. Because of the fear of a massacre, there was not a remarkable resistance in Bactra and Muslims easily captured the city in Jan, 6, 663.
Meanwhile citizens in Herat, the biggest Khorasan city of the time revolted when they heard the news about Pirouz uprising, however such movements were harshly suppressed by mass murder. Pirouz lived in northern Afghanistan for 20 years but he did not achieve any military victory before he died. His son Narsia described details of his father's attempts to free Iran, in order to convince the son of deceased Emperor Taizong to deploy an army at his command. But the Chinese preferred to sign a peace treaty with the Muslims and stay neutral....

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