The Beginning Of Egyptian History

The Beginning Of Egyptian History... 19/07/2781BC History, #AIPAC, #Achaemenid, #Chicago, #Dariush, #Egypt, #Egyptian, #Greece, #Iran, #Perspolis, #Pyramids, #Satrapy, #United_States

Unlike many other conquerors who destroyed every aspect of the culture and history of the defeated nations, Achaemenids felt a strong urge to preserve culture, history and traditions of submitted kingdoms such as Egyptians. In 517 B.C. Dariush the great visited the Egyptian Satrapy. Impressed by Egyptian artifacts, Pyramids and other historical buildings, he ordered formation of a group of Egyptian historians and researchers from Iran, Greece, and other kingdom nations to inscribe the Egyptian history in order to preserve it. Dariush also ordered building of a temple in Southern Egypt which has stayed almost intact for centuries.
Ironically enough, in 2006 in the United States of America, tablets from Perspolis that had been given to researchers from the Chicago University for safekeeping became subject to an auction to compensate AIPAC expenses. Dariush the great left us a great case study to compare civilizations and nomadic societies.
Achaemenid Rulers are included in the list of Egyptian Paraohs of 27th and 31st dynasties....

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