Bahram's Arab Trainer Dies

Bahram's Arab Trainer Dies... 13/01/473 History, #Arab, #Babylon, #Baghdad, #Cyrus, #Cyrus_the_Great, #Goor, #Hirah, #Iranian, #Iraq, #Kerman, #Kufa, #Monzir, #Shapour, #Shapour_2, #Yazdgerd

Monzir, the martial arts trainer of Bahram 5th died on Jan, 13, 473. Monzir was an Arab who taught Bahram fighting techniques died.
Also known as Bahram Goor for his skills in hunting zebras, Bahram was a son of Yazdgerd 1st (399 - 421), after whose sudden death he gained the crown against the opposition of the grandees by the help of Monzir.
Monzir was the governor of Hirah. Hirah was an ancient city located 6 km south of Kufa in south-central Iraq, an area near today's Baghdad that was autonomously ruled since the capture of Babylon by Cyrus the Great.
Iranian rulers were not meddling in Hirah's affairs and therefore there was not any confrontation. The only important incident is the Arab invasion of Kerman in 331 which was harshly confronted by Shapour 2. Hirah used to supply well-trained cavalry units for the Iranian army.
Following the Siege of Hirah, the city was captured by the Caliph army in May 633....

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