Sisygambis Passes Away

Sisygambis Passes Away... 16/06/323BC History, #Artaxerxes, #Artaxerxes_3, #Barsineh, #Dariush, #Drypetis, #Ochus, #Persian, #Sisygambis, #Statira

Sisygambis, the mother of Dariush 3rd passed away five days after Alexander's death. She who had given birth to seven sons and seen their death, must have lived a painful life. When she was young, Artaxerxes 3 had killed all his brothers and nephews during a power struggle. Then she witnessed fall of the Persian empire and she was taken captive together with her daughters : Barsineh and Drypetis, and her daughter-in-law Statira, and his five year old grandson Ochus. At the time Alexander, a homosexual warrior called himself son of god, he kept himself busy with destroying cities, plundering civilians and raping captive children. But he died like anyone else; thus leaving the empire in civil wars and more bloodshed that lasted for more than 300 years....

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