Nader Attacks Ottomans In Iraq

Nader Attacks Ottomans In Iraq... 02/08/1743 History, #Afghan, #Afshar, #Baghdad, #Basra, #Delhi, #Iran, #Iranian, #Iraq, #Kerkuk, #Nader_Shah, #Ottoman, #Ottomans, #Safavi, #Shah

Nader Shah of Afshar dynasty starts an attack on Ottoman strongholds near Kerkuk. Nader Shah had a great military talent and was trying to regain those territories that were lost during last years of Safavi dynasty. In two days Iranian forces were bombarding last resisting Ottoman forces in Kerkuk. This was the beginning of a great war plan that soon ended with withdrawal of Ottomans from Basra and Baghdad. It had taken Nader a decade to reorganize the national army. He first dealt with Russians and created such a fear among enemies that his single ultimatum was sufficient for enemy combatants to desert the battlefield. He proved himself well against Indians who refused to surrender Afghan criminals of war. In no time Nader captured Delhi and proved that he meant seriously what he said. Unfortunately, enemy spies tried to assassinate Nader Shah several times. Iran's enemies finally succeeded in killing this great warrior in 1747....

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