Toghrol Captures Isfahan

Toghrol Captures Isfahan... 09/08/1052 History, #Abbasi, #Baghdad, #Chaghri, #Deylami, #Ghaznavi, #Hamedan, #Isfahan, #Kharazm, #Khorasan, #Rhagae, #Seljuk, #Shiite, #Toghrol, #Yazd

Toghrol, the founder of the Seljuk dynasty captured Isfahan after one year of siege. He and his brother Chaghri had taken refuge in Kharazm after being defeated by Mahmoud Ghaznavi. After Mahmoud's death, they entered Khorasan , where they gradually built a power base, returning to defeat Mahmoud's son Masood in 1040. Toghrol put Chaghri in charge of Khorasan and proceeded to capture Rhagae and later Hamedan. He planned to set Isfahan as his capital and finally made a deal with the governor of Isfahan who was from a Deylami family to spare Yazd if Isfahan surrendered voluntarily. In 1055 he entered Baghdad and put an end to the Deylami dynasty. The Abbasi Caliph was then under his control and he set out to build a great empire. Commissioned by the Caliph, his quest for power continued with war against the Shiite sect and he crushed a rebellion in Baghdad in 1960. He died on September, 4th, 1063 in Rhagae at the age of 73....

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