8 Month Old Abbas Becomes King

8 Month Old Abbas Becomes King...
1host2u.com 18/08/1732 History

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While Nader was on a mission to Herat, Shah Tahmasp dared attack Erivan. Without success, on his way back, he was intercepted by an Ottoman army who inflicted heavy loss on the Iranian army. When Shah Tahmasp and few of his officers returned to Isfahan, Ottomans seized Tabriz and Hamedan that was taken back by Nader a year ago. A peace treaty was offered to restore territories on the west side of the Aras river to Iran. Shah's council accepted the treaty but Nader did not honor it, calling it a disgrace. On Aug,16th Nader encamped near Isfahan. Shah Tahmasp attended his camp the next day and arranged a celebration in his honor to smooth him. But the next day, after a meeting with his officers, it was decided that Shah Tahmasp did not really deserve the throne. Thus Abbas, an infant only eight months old, was crowned king of Iran and Nader was proclaimed Regent during his infancy.
Nader's first act as the Regent was, sending Ambassadors to all countries, informing them of the accession of Shah Abbas, and requesting the Indians to prevent the Afghan fugitives from taking shelter in their territories....

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