Ardeshir Marries Mitra

Ardeshir Marries Mitra... 03/10/226 History, #Ardeshir, #Artabanus, #Artabanus_IV, #Babakan, #Babylonia, #Iranian, #Kerman, #Mitra, #Parthia, #Parthian, #Parthian_Empire, #Sassanid, #Shahanshah, #Tisfun, #Vologases

Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of the Sassanid Empire who had just proclaimed Shahanshah married Mitra the daughter of Vologases V who was succeeded by his son Vologases VI, but another son Artabanus IV rebelled. Ardeshir I defeated Artabanus IV in 226 and conquered the eastern provinces of Parthia. He then defeated Vologases VI who maintained himself in Babylonia until 228.
Ardeshir I first wanted to choose Kerman as his capital where he built a castle but he changed his mind and set Tisfun his capital. His success over the Parthian Empire partially was due to internal power struggles within the Parthian court that led to corruption and losing popular support to the extent that much concessions were given to Romans for peace. Ardeshir's marriage to the daughter of a Parthian king was a political move; for creating legitimacy and thus people would recognize his successors as king. However, many love stories have been told about romance between Ardeshir and Mitra in eastern and western literature.
Ardeshir I was the mastermind of resurgence of Iranian peoples as a unified nation through a strong political centralization and organized state sponsorship of Zoroastrianism.
Ardeshir I died in 241, after attempting to fight a tiger over a dispute ....

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