Ardeshir Defeats Parthian King

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Ardeshir revolted against Parthian kingdom in 223. Ardoan 5 asked the king of Khuzestan to stop him. Ardeshir however took most of southern Iran by surprise and installed his own rulers in Kerman, Persis, Mesene and Susiana. Then he defeated Artabanus V's army on April, 28, 224 at Hormozgan. Before the battle, some Parthian forces defected to the Persian side. Artabanus was killed in the battle. Ardeshir's son Shapour was present on the field and led the Persian heavy cavalry. This victory broke the power of almost five centuries of Parthian Empire.
He spent two more years fighting with the remaining Parthian rulers and was finally coroneted in 226 in Tisfun at the Anahita Temple, and thus founded the magnificent Sassanid Empire.
Ardeshir could not succeed without backing of Iranian noblemen with the promises of making Zoroastrianism the official religion and extending Iran's borders to that of Achaemenid Empire.
Ardeshir allowed seven of Parthian famous families to rule under a central government and ordered resuming collection of distributed parts of Avesta which had been started during Volgases I's reign. His outstanding success was revival of Iranian nationalism which later became a model for many other dynasties....

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