Mobarezoddin Mohammad Proclaims King

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Mobarezoddin Mohammad was the son of Amir Mozaffar, a subordinate of Mongol Ilkhanates from Arab origin who was the governor of Meybod. After the death of Oljaitu, Mobarezoddin overthrew the Atabeg of Yazd and was later recognized by the Ilkhanates as the governor. Following Abu Saeed's death, he used the power vaccum to conquer Kerman which was a vast area covering most of today's southeastern Iran. There he ascended the throne on Jan, 17, 1323 and established the Mozaffarid Dynasty. By 1340, he had established himself and took the vast area under control repulsing Ghotboddin's attacks who was trying to re-establish Ilkhanate rule.
By the beginning of 1350s, he added Bam, Shiraz and Isfahan to his realm by conquering local rulers. Now, the Mozaffarids were the strongest power in central Iran and chose Shiraz as their capital. He did not submit to the Golden Horde ruler and temporarily occupied Tabriz in order to show his strenght in 1357. Mobarezoddin who was known for his cruelty was blinded and imprisoned by his son who called himself Shah Shoja in 1358. Mobarezoddin died in captivity in 1363.
Shah Shoja was a more liberal person but his reign passed in power struggle with his brother Mahmoud. He died in 1384 living the crown to his son Zeinoddin whose reign marked a fast decline in Mozaffarid Dynasty followed by Teimur's invasion of Iran. Teimur executed all remaining Mozaffarid survivors who could re-claim their throne in May, 1393 in Ghomsheh....

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