The Battle of Ecbatana

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At the Battle of Ecbatana: The Seleucid King Antiochus VII Sidetes is defeated and killed by the Parthians under Phraates II, ending Seleucid control over Media or Mesopotamia.
The Battle of Ecbatana was fought in 129 BC between the Seleucids led by Antiochus VII Sidetes and the Parthians led by Phraates II. Phraates II (ca. 139/138 BC - ca. 128 BC) faced the final attempt on the part of the Seleucids to regain their power in the east. The Seleucids suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Ecbatana and Antiochus VII himself perished. This battle marked the decisive and final defeat for the Seleucid kingdom by the Parthians.
Justinus: Epitome of Pompeius Trogus'“Philippic Histories" (38.10) mentions that Antiochus VII had an army of 80,000 troops probably mainly infantry, but he mentions 300,000 camp followers including cooks, bakers & stage players, He scored several victories regaining Mesopotamia & capturing Seleucia & Susa. Then he advanced into Media & set up winter quarters distributing his army (including the camp followers) among several cities in the expectation of finishing off the Parthians the next year. However his harsh rule & the depredations of his army caused the locals to conspire with the Parthians & on an appointed day fell upon Antiochus' widely dispersed army. Antiochus gathered what troops he had & tried to stabilize the situation but was surprised by a large Parthian force at Ecbatana where his men deserted & Antiochus was killed. His body was sent back to Syria in a silver casket, his son Seleucus was made prisoner & his niece was taken by Phraates (Farhad II) into his harem. Phraates II did not enjoy this victory for long because prior to the battle he recruited Saka horsemen from the east to help fight Antiochus in the west, but they arrived too late to take part in battle but still demanded a share of the considerable Seleucid booty. Phraates was unwilling to compensate them so they went on a rampage. So instead of finishing off the Seleucids in Syria he turned east even recruiting captured Seleucid heavy infantry from the Ecbatana battle, met the Saka in vicinity of modern Turkestan where his Seleucid recruits seeing the battle going badly, deserted & massacred Phraates & his bodyguard. Parthians never used Seleucid heavy infantry again thinking them unreliable & who could blame them.

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