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Vahyazdata Of Persia Arrested... 15/07/521BC History
On March, 8th. Vivana in Arachosia defeated an army sent by Vahyazdata and the Satrap of Bactria Dadarshi stayed loyal to Dariush. In summer, all resi...View Details»

Ak Koyunlu Clash At The Battle Of Khoy... 15/07/1478 History
On July,15, 1478, in the Battle of Khoy, Khalil Mirza was killed and his forces dispersed by the confederated forces of Soltan Yaghub, who then took t...View Details»

US Mediation Between Iran-Britain... 15/07/1951 History
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - A US diplomat named W. Averell Harriman arrived in Tehran on July, 15 1951 to mediate between Iran and Brita...View Details»

168 Die in Caspian Airlines Plane Crash... 15/07/2009 History
(AP) - A Russian-made jetliner carrying 168 people nose-dived into a field after taking off from the Iranian capital on Wednesday in a fiery crash tha...View Details»

Italy Racism Row: Cecile Kyenge Compared To Orangutan - Carbonated.TV... 15/07/2013 News
Roberto Calderoli, from the anti-immigration Northern League, told a rally that the success of Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge encouraged "illegal ...View Details»

Mursi Removal Fuels Sinai Islamist Militancy - Carbonated.TV... 15/07/2013 News
Within hours of Egypt's elected president being overthrown this month, militant fellow Islamists in the Sinai peninsula were talking of making war on...View Details»

In Egypt, one coup leads to another - The Washington Post... 15/07/2013 News
It may be one of the most remarkable political rants ever caught on television. On the day before Egypt’s coup, opposition activist Ehab al-Khouli lau...View Details»

Iran seeks more tourists, but will they come? - The Washington Post... 15/07/2013 News
KISH, Iran — Iran’s president-elect, the moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani, has promised to support the country’s largely untapped tourism sector, but th...View Details»

Times of Oman | News :: Ramadan customs and traditions around the worl... 15/07/2013 News
Situated in west Asia is the country of Iran, formerly known as Persia. With Tehran its capital, Iran is a developing country and also a regional powe...View Details»

Zionist Soldiers Cleared over Detaining 5-year-old Palestinian Boy... 15/07/2013 News
Seven Israeli soldiers who detained a 5-year-old Palestinian boy for “rock-throwing” this week in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil have been cleared of...View Details»