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Sepahdar Tonekaboni Commits Suicide... 19/09/1926 History
Mohammad Vali Khan, known as Sepahdar Tonekaboni was born around 1848 and made a career as military officer in Naseroddin Shah's army. He was given th...View Details»

Charlie Chaplin vs. the United States ... 19/09/1952 History
This Day in History: September 19th- Charlie Chaplin vs. the United States “A democracy is a place where you can express your ideas freely—or it isn’t...View Details»

Foundation Of SAVAK... 19/09/1956 History
A draft on foundation of SAVAK which was approved at the cabinet of ministers, was presented to the parliament for for ratification. SAVAK soon became...View Details»

Nehru Visits Tehran... 19/09/1959 History
Jawaherlaal Nehru visited Tehran with his daughter Indira Gandhi on Sep, 19, 1959 returning Shah's visit to India with Queen Sorayya. Shah's 1956 Indi...View Details»

UFO In Tehran Skies... 19/09/1976 History
(Wikipedia) - The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, du...View Details»

Iranian Plane Hijacked... 19/09/1995 History
A disgruntled Iranian flight attendant hijacked a Kish Air passenger plane with 173 passengers onboard. Just before landing on Kish Island, a holiday ...View Details»

The U.S. Has Already Completed Regime Change In Syria (1949), Iran (19... 19/09/2014 History
By Washington's Blog Syria Ev...View Details»