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Pope Offers Support Against Ottomans... 22/01/1623 History
The Ottoman Empire at the peak of its power arrived at the gates of Vienna and European countries fell one by one. Safavid Iran was also in conflict w...View Details»

Khosrow Golesorkhi Is Born... 22/01/1944 History
(Wikipedia) - Khosrow Golesorkhi was born on 22 January 1944, in Rasht. He was an Iranian journalist, poet, and communist activist in Iran during the ...View Details»

The Republic of Mahabad was Founded ... 22/01/1946 History
The Republic of Mahabad was founded on Jan, 22, 1946. The Republic of Mahabad officially known as the Republic of Kurdistan and established in Iranian...View Details»

When a Warrior Queen Took Down an Emperor ... 22/01/2017 History
By Carl Pettit The Daily DoseJAN 22 2017 When Queen Tomyris turned down the marriage proposal of Cyrus the Great, founder of the mighty Achaemenid Emp...View Details»