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Sepahan Becomes Isfahan... 31/10/641 History
The city of Sepahan which hosted the greatest Iranian garrison was captured by the Arab Muslim army. The same army had defeated king Yazdgerd 3's army...View Details»

Rhazes Passed Away ... 31/10/925 History
According to Biruni's list of Razi books, Zakariya al-Razi passed away on Oct, 31 925 AD. Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī (Persian: محمد زکریای رازی‎ Moham...View Details»

Turanshah Becomes King Of Kerman... 31/10/1083 History
Great Seljuk's authority extended over other lines which included rulers of Hamedan, Kerman, Syria and Anatolia. Turanshah from the Seljuk dynasty, so...View Details»

The Battle Of Aslandooz... 31/10/1812 History
The Battle of Aslandooz took place between the invading Russian and the Iranian army in Aslandooz, north of the Aras River on Oct, 31, 1812. Russians...View Details»

Vote Of Confidence For Soheili... 31/10/1943 History
More than eight months after Soheili presented his cabinet of ministers and started serving as Prime Minister, Majlis approved his cabinet. Iran was u...View Details»

Semirom ancient hills settled in fifth millennium BC ... 31/10/2014 History
Semirom ancient hills settled in fifth millennium BC ISFAHAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) – The head of Semirom Cultural Heritage Organization says excavations reve...View Details»