Negareh: Parthian Balash 5 Coin.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Parthian king Balash 5 Coin.Balash IV sent a peace messenger to Roman Emperor Severus in 199 AD, and then started on an expedition that forced Khazars...View Details»

Khazars Defeat the Caliph at The Battle of Ardabil ... 09/12/730 History
The Battle of Marj Ardabil or the Battle of Ardabil was a battle fought on the plains surrounding the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran in AD 730. ...View Details»

Roma Defeats Persia At Neynava... 12/12/627 History
The battle fought in Nineveh was the peak of a series of battles that had started in 622 by the Roman Empire to push back Iranians to their original b...View Details»

Order Restored In Darband... 05/07/527 History
Ghobad I of Sassanid dynasty repelled Khazars to the other side of the Volga river. After clearing the Caucasia from nomadic tribes, reconstruction of...View Details»

King Balash Dethroned... 17/11/487 History
Although general Zarmehr had defeated the fWhite Huns, Balash (Vologases) was cleared off his rights as king and blinded due to his weak position agai...View Details»

The Iranian Army Divided By Four... 13/12/402 History
In the time of the Sassanid king Yazdgerd I, after two years of evaluation, the Iranian army was divided to four divisions as follows: First army stat...View Details»

Khazars Pushed Back North Of Darband... 26/07/199 History
The Khazars were gradually invading the coastal areas by the Caspian Sea while Iran was under threat by the Roman emperor Severus forces. Romans often...View Details»