Cleopatra Biography - Last Pharaoh of Egypt killed herself ... 30/08/30BC History
Cleopatra Facts First: Known for: last Pharaoh of Egypt, last of the Ptolemy dynasty of Egyptian rulers; also known for her relationships to Julius C...View Details»

Battle of Munda: final battle of Caesar's civil war ... 17/03/45BC History
The Battle of Munda (17 March 45 B.C.), in southern Hispania Ulterior, was the final battle of Caesar's civil war against the leaders of the Optimates...View Details»

The End of Pompey the Great and the Birth of an Empire ... 28/09/48BC History
On September 28, 48 BCE, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, also known as Pompey the Great, was assassinated on the order of King Ptolemy XIII of Egypt, who in t...View Details»

Battle of Carrhae: Surena Defeated Roman invaders ... 06/05/53BC History
The Battle of Carrhae was fought in 53 BC between the Parthian Empire and the Roman Republic near the town of Carrhae. The Parthian Sepahbod ("General...View Details»

Parthia Supports Tigranes Against Tigranes... 06/10/69BC History
Tigranes the great of Armenia was caught off guard during the battle of Tigranocerta when the Roman Lucullus bribed the guards. These infidel guards o...View Details»