History is on the side of the Persian Gulf, rather than Arabian, Julf ... 07/11/2017 History
By K.E. Mehrfar Politicians come and go, history remains. Administrations will come and go, history remains. Even their policies will fade away by the...View Details»

Maps of Persia 1477–1925: A graphical journey through the history of I... 17/02/2015 History
Date: 23 January 2015Time: 10:30 AM Finishes: 21 March 2015Time: 5:00 PM Venue: Brunei Gallery Type of Event: Exhibition The Centre for Iranian Studi...View Details»

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Why We Divide the Day Into Seconds, Minutes, and Hours... 15/09/2014 Science
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An Abbasid Education ... 04/04/2014 History
The Abbasids ruled a vast empire from Baghdad when it was the thriving capital of the Islamic world. For about five hundred years the city boasted the...View Details»

Negareh: Nature vs Human: Behestan Rock Castle in Zanjan ... 25/12/2013 Media
Behestan rock castle is located 13km from the town of Mahneshan in Zanjan Province of Iran. It is a creation of both nature and man and one of the gr...View Details»

Hibis, finest example of a Persian Period temple in Egypt Temple of Hi... 15/10/2013 News
The Temple of Hibis (Egyptian: Hebet meaning the plough), Persian - c. 500s BCE, is the largest and most well preserved temple in the Kharga Oasis. Ex...View Details»

Negareh: Vatican Rafael School Athens Zoroaster.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
In the painting School of Athens by Rafael in Vatican, Iranian Prophet Zoroaster (Right Corner) is presenting a globe of Heavens to Ptolemy who is hol...View Details»

Negareh: Persia Greece Naval Battle Salamis 306BC.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Greek fleet under Demetruis Poliorcetes & engaging the Persian fleet under Ptolemy I of Egypt during the 2nd naval Battle of Salamis, 306 BC -Keywords...View Details»

Foundation of Maragheh Observatory... 06/05/1259 History
Maragheh observatory (Persian: رصدخانه مراغه‎) was an astronomical observatory established in 1259 CE under the patronage of the Ilkhanid Hulagu and t...View Details»