Negareh: Siminshahr Eid Ghorban Camel 2011.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Iranian Sunni Muslims prepare a camel for sacrifice on Eid Ghorban (al-Adha) in Siminshahr, in Gomishan District, 43 Km from Bandar torkaman.Golestan ...View Details»

Shah Wanted, Dead Or Alive... 29/07/1911 History
Mohammad Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty had to flee the country after the Constitutional Monarchy Movement succeeded in capturing Tehran. He first sought r...View Details»

Russia Pops Up Puppet Shah... 17/07/1911 History
A couple of years after fleeing the country, Mohammad Ali Shah landed near Astarabad on a Russian vessel on July, 17, 1911. The Russian Cossacks, with...View Details»

The Battle Of Aslandooz... 31/10/1812 History
The Battle of Aslandooz took place between the invading Russian and the Iranian army in Aslandooz, north of the Aras River on Oct, 31, 1812. Russians...View Details»

Iran-Ottomans Sign A Lasting Peace Treaty... 04/09/1746 History
During the last years of Safavid dynasty in Iran, Ottomans were able to annex most of Caucasus and west Iran. Meanwhile, Afghans were able to annex a ...View Details»

Shah Safi Ascends The Throne... 28/01/1629 History
Shah Abbas 1st, the 5th sovereign of the Safavian Dynasty died in Behshahr at the age of 58 on Jan, 19, 1629. His grandson, Sam Mirza was crowned at t...View Details»

4th Occupation Of Tabriz By Ottomans... 27/07/1548 History
The Safavi army was trying to regain its power after Iraq was lost to Ottomans when Sultan Soleyman started his second Iran campaign. His first campai...View Details»

The Battle of Manzikert... 26/08/1071 History
Seljuks were a Turco-Persian Sunni Muslim dynasty that ruled parts of Central Asia and the Middle East from the 11th to 14th centuries. They set up th...View Details»

Seljuk Toghrol Dies... 04/09/1063 History
Toghrol Beyk who was the second ruler of the Seljuk dynasty died in Rhagae. After the death of Mahmoud Ghaznavi, he managed to unite Turcoman tribes a...View Details»

Masood Ghaznavi Appoints New Vezir... 13/05/1033 History
Mahmoud Ghaznavi had appointed Mohammad as the Crown Prince before passing away in March, 1030. But his other son; influential Masood staged a conspir...View Details»