14 December 2010 Iranian suicide attacks

حملات انتحاری 14 سپتامبر 2010 در ایران

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14 December 2010 Iranian suicide attacks Definition

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Sistan and Baluchistan Province highlighted within Iran
Chabahar, Sistan-Baluchestan, Iran
14 December 2010 (UTC+4½)
Shia worshippers
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2010 Chabahar suicide bombing was carried out on December 14, 2010, by two suicide bombers, who blew themselves up in the crowded Shiite Muslim mourning procession in Southeastern Iranian coastal city of Chabahar outside Imam Husain Mosque. The bombings took place in the day of Tasua, when Shiite Muslims gathered there to commemorate the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammad through his successor Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatimah. The bombing resulted in killing at least 38 people.

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The first bomber detonated his explosives outside the Imam Husain Mosque and another one carried out the attacks in the crowd of Shiite worshippers just a day before the Day of Ashura. As per the Governor of Chahbahar, Ali Bateni. The first attacker was killed, however another one was arrested.


Approximately over 35 worshippers were believed to have been killed in the blast, and more than 100 were injured.


As per report by Al Arabiya news website Jundullah, a Sunni extremist rebel group claimed responsibility of the attacks on Shiites outside the Mosque. Chahbahar''s Governor Ali Bateni claimed that the mastermind behind the attacks was arrested.

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