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A&P, AP, A-p, Ap, A/P, or ap may refer to:

  • 1 Education
  • 2 Law
  • 3 Linguistics
  • 4 Media
    • 4.1 Publishing
    • 4.2 Other
  • 5 Medicine
  • 6 Military
  • 7 Places
  • 8 Politics
  • 9 Psychology
  • 10 Retail
  • 11 Science
  • 12 Sports
  • 13 Technology
    • 13.1 Computers
  • 14 Transportation
  • 15 Other uses
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  • Advanced Placement, a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada
  • Ang Pamantasan, a Philippine university student publication
  • Assistant principal, the assistant chief administrator in a school
  • Associate Professor, an academic faculty rank in North America
  • Austin Peay State University, a public university in Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Advance parole, a United States immigration law term
  • Administration Police, Kenyan security unit
  • ap, a Welsh patronym
  • Ap (water), the Vedic Sanskrit term for water
  • Adjectival phrase, a term used in linguistics to denote a phrase with an adjective as its head
Media Publishing
  • Associated Press, an American news agency
  • Allied Press, a major New Zealand newspaper company
  • Alternative Press, a music industry magazine
  • A&P (story), a short story by John Updike referring to the retailer A&P
  • Animal Planet, a television channel dedicated to animals
  • The A&P Gypsies, a musical radio program (1924–36), named after the retailer A&P
  • Action point, a point in games to determine how much action a player, unit, or video game character can do in a single turn
  • Action potential, a "spike" of electrical discharge that travels along the membrane of a cell
  • Advanced paramedic, a clinical level of pre-hospital care in the Republic of Ireland
  • Alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme
  • Anatomy and physiology, a course of study for those seeking to enter a medical profession
  • Anteroposterior, used to describe direction in anatomy
  • Area postrema, a part of the brain
  • Arterial pressure, the pressure in the arteries (most prominently the Aorta)
  • "Autistic psychopathy", a diagnosis listed as an alternative title for Asperger syndrome, see the History of Asperger syndrome
  • Autophagosome, intracytoplasmic vacuole/membrane bound body that is involved in cytoplasmic degradation
  • Colporrhaphy (also called A&P repair), surgical repair of the anterior and/or posterior vaginal walls
  • Armor-piercing shot and shell, type of military or naval ammunition designed to penetrate armor or fortifications and then detonate
  • AP, the U.S. Navy hull classification symbol for a transport support ship
  • Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India
  • Asia Pacific, region
  • Province of Ascoli Piceno, a province of Italy in the ISO 3166-2 IT code
  • Acción Popular (disambiguation), name of two political parties in Latin America
  • People''s Action (Romania) (Acţiunea Populară), a liberal Christian-democratic non-parliamentary party in Romania
  • Popular Alliance (Spain) (Alianza Popular), a former political party in Spain
  • Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet)
  • Applied psychology, the use of psychological principles and theories to overcome problems in other areas
  • Attachment parenting, a parenting philosophy
  • Amphetamine psychosis, psychotic state as a result of high and/or chronic use of amphetamine stimulants
  • The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as the A&P supermarket chain
  • A&P Food Stores Building, St. Louis, Missouri
  • A&P Canada, the former Canadian supermarket chain sold by A&P to Quebec-based Metro Inc.
  • Agent Provocateur, a British lingerie retailer
  • Atmospheric pressure, the Earth''s atmospheric pressure at zero altitude
  • Acetone peroxide, an explosive
  • Applied physics, physics intended for a particular technological or practical use
  • Ammonium perchlorate, an oxidizer used in solid rocket propellant
  • Alpha particle, a helium nuclei
  • Arithmetic progression, a sequence of numbers, each differing from its predecessor by a fixed quantity
  • Amalgamation property, a property of a class of models in universal algebra and model theory
  • AP star, a type of star
  • Polish Aero Club (Aeroklub Polski), the Polish central association of persons practising air sports or recreational flying
  • A-production, a classification in motorsport
  • Tony McCoy, jockey AP McCoy
  • Adrian Peterson, National Football League running back
  • Anomalous propagation, false radar echoes
  • Average precision, a metric of quality of search results in information retrieval
  • AP, the class of decision problems that can be solved in polynomial time by an Alternating Turing machine
  • AP (complexity), or PSPACE, a measure of the complexity of solving decision problems
  • Wireless access point, a device that connects wireless communication devices together to form a wireless network
  • Application profile, the set of metadata elements, policies, and guidelines defined for a software application
  • ACID Pro, software and associated music resources used for music creation
  • Address plus Port, a technique for sharing single IPv4 addresses among several users
  • Air One, an airline based in Rome, Italy, with an IATA code of AP
  • Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, a subsidiary of the Santa Fe Railway
  • Autopilot, automatic or assisted vehicle piloting
  • Airframe and Powerplant, a certificate issued by the US Federal Aviation Administration for aircraft maintenance technicians
  • Automotive Products, a former UK automotive components company
  • A&P Group, a ship repair and conversion company, formerly Austin & Pickersgill
Other uses
  • Armenian Power, an Armenian-American gang located in Los Angeles
  • Accounts payable, one of a series of accounting transactions covering payments to suppliers
  • Anno Persico or Anno Persarum, a Latinization of Iranian calendar years
  • Ap (ghost), a spirit of Khmer folklore
  • AP (rapper), French rapper of Guadeloupian origin
  • ap. a classical abbreviation
  • Asian pride, a slogan
  • A&P show, annual agricultural and pastoral shows held in many New Zealand towns and cities
  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Average product, the total product divided by the quantity of the variable factor

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