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Arlington Definition

Arlington National Cemetery is one of two national cemeteries administered by the US Army. (Wikipedia) - Arlington

Arlington may refer to:

  • 1 Populated places
  • 2 People with the surname
  • 3 Structures and sites
  • 4 Other uses
  • 5 See also
Populated places Canada
  • Arlington, Nova Scotia
  • Arlington, Ontario
  • Arlington, Prince Edward Island
  • Arlington No. 79, Saskatchewan
  • Arlington, Yukon
South Africa
  • Arlington, Free State
United Kingdom
  • Arlington, Devon
  • Arlington, East Sussex
  • Arlington, Gloucestershire
United States In states, A-M In states, N
  • Arlington, Nebraska
  • New Jersey
    • North Arlington, New Jersey
    • A section of Kearny, New Jersey
  • New York
    • Arlington, New York
    • Arlington, Staten Island
  • Arlington, North Carolina
In states, O-T In states, V
  • Arlington, Vermont
  • In Virginia:
    • Arlington County, Virginia
    • Arlington, Northampton County, Virginia
    • Arlington Village, Virginia
    • North Arlington, Virginia
    • South Arlington, Virginia
    • Arlington Forest, Virginia
    • Arlington Heights, Virginia
    • Arlington Ridge, Virginia
In states, W
  • Arlington, Washington
  • West Virginia
    • Arlington, Harrison County, West Virginia
    • Arlington, Upshur County, West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
    • Arlington (town), Wisconsin
    • Arlington, Wisconsin, a village
People with the surname
  • Gary Arlington (1938–2014), American artist, editor and publisher
  • Lizzie Arlington, baseball player
Structures and sites
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Arlington (Westover, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Maryland
  • Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial in Arlington County, Virginia
  • Arlington Archeological Site in Northampton County, Virginia
  • Arlington (MBTA station), Boston, Massachusetts
  • Arlington (Natchez, Mississippi), a historic home
  • Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara, California
  • SS Arlington, a steamship which sank in Lake Superior in 1940
  • USS Arlington, the name of several US naval ships
Other uses
  • "Arlington" (song)
  • Baron Arlington, title

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