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Cinema Definition

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Cinema may refer to:

  • Film, a series of still images which, when shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving image
  • Filmmaking, the process of making a film
  • Movie theater, a building in which films are shown
  • Cinema (2008 film) or Bommalattam, a Tamil film
  • Cinema (TV channel), a defunct Scandinavian movie channel
  • Cinema 4D, a 3D graphics application

In music:

  • Cinema (band), a 1982 band formed by ex-Yes members Alan White and Chris Squire
  • Cinema (The Cat Empire album)
  • Cinema (Elaine Paige album)
  • Cinema (Nazareth album), or the title song
  • "Cinema" (Yes song)
  • "Cinéma" (song), a song by Paola di Medico
  • "Cinema" (Benny Benassi song)
  • Cinema, an album by Cachorro Grande
  • Cinema, an album by ICE MC, or the title song
  • Cinema an album by Nazareth

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