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Domain may refer to:

  • Domain (biology), a taxonomic subdivision larger than a kingdom
  • Domain name, the name of a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet
  • Magnetic domain, a region within a magnetic material which has uniform magnetization
  • Protein domain, a part of a protein that can exist independently of the rest of the protein chain
  • Territory (subdivision), a non-sovereign geographic area which has come under the authority of another government
  • 1 Information technology
  • 2 Mathematics
  • 3 Places
  • 4 Entertainment
  • 5 Other
Information technology
  • Administrative domain, a service provider holding a security repository permitting to easily authenticate and authorize clients with credentials
  • Domain (software engineering), a field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in that field
    • Application domain, a mechanism used within a Common Language Infrastructure to isolate executed software applications from one another
  • Broadcast domain, in computer networking, a group of special purpose addresses to receive network announcements
  • Collision domain, a physical network segment that is a shared medium where data packets can "collide" with one another
  • Data domain, in database theory, a set of all permitted values
  • Domain/OS, a workstation operating system
  • Windows domain, a group of Windows-based computers and users with a central authenticating domain controller
  • Domain of a function, the set of input values for which the function is defined
  • Domain of discourse, the set of entities over which logic variables may range
  • Domain (mathematical analysis), an open connected set
  • Domain (ring theory), a nontrivial ring without left or right zero divisors
    • Atomic domain, an integral domain in which every non-zero non-unit is a finite product of irreducible elements
    • Bézout domain, an integral domain in which the sum of two principal ideals is again a principal ideal
    • Euclidean domain, an integral domain which allows a suitable generalization of the Euclidean algorithm
    • Dedekind domain, an integral domain in which every nonzero proper ideal factors into a product of prime ideals
    • GCD domain, an integral domain in which every two non-zero elements have a greatest common divisor
    • Integral domain, a non-trivial commutative ring without zero divisors
    • Principal ideal domain, an integral domain in which every ideal is principal
    • Unique factorization domain, an integral domain in which every non-zero element can be written as a product of irreducible elements in essentially a unique way
  • Frequency domain, the analysis of mathematical functions with respect to frequency, rather than time
  • Fundamental domain, a symmetry group of an object is a part or pattern, as small or irredundant as possible, which determines the whole object based on the symmetry
  • Time domain, the analysis of mathematical functions with respect to time
  • Domain theory, studying certain kinds of partial ordered sets
  • The Domain (Austin), a shopping mall in Austin, Texas, USA
Australian Public Domains

In several Commonwealth of Nations countries, the name for parkland made available for public use by the monarch or their representative, the Governor. Examples include:

  • The Domain, Sydney: a large open space near the central business district of Sydney
  • Kings Domain, Melbourne in Victoria
  • Queens Domain in Hobart
New Zealand Public Domains

As per Public Domains Act 1860 (24 Victoriae 1860 No 32). Examples include:

  • Auckland Domain: a large inner-city park in Auckland
  • One Tree Hill Domain in Auckland
  • Mount Eden Domain in Auckland
  • Mount Smart Domain in Auckland
  • Mangere Domain in Mangere
  • Hamilton Lake Domain in Hamilton
  • Taumarunui Domain in Taumarunui
  • Ashburton Domain in Canterbury
  • Ocean Beach Domain in Dunedin
  • Domain (album), the debut album by the British metal band Above All
  • Domain (band), a German heavy metal band
  • Domain (film), a 2009 French film
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