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نشان رسمی ایران

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(Wikipedia) - Emblem of Iran Not to be confused with Khanda (Sikh symbol). Emblem of Iran نشان رسمی ایران Details Armiger Adopted Escutcheon
Islamic Republic of Iran
9 May 1980
Name of Allah
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The Emblem of Iran (Persian: نشان رسمی ایران‎, neshān-e rasmi-ye Irān) since the 1979 Iranian Revolution features a stylized Perso-Arabic script of the Arabic word Allah ("God").

The logo consists of four crescents and a sword. The four crescents are meant to stand for the word Allah. The five parts of the emblem symbolize the Principles of the Religion. Above the sword is a shadda: in Arabic script, this is used to double a letter. The shape of the emblem is chosen to resemble a tulip, for the memory of the people who died for Iran: it is an ancient belief in Iran, dating back to mythology, that if a young soldier dies patriotically a red tulip will grow on his grave. In recent years it has been considered the symbol of martyrdom.

The logo was designed by Hamid Nadimi, and was officially approved by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 9 May 1980.

The logo is encoded in Unicode, in the Miscellaneous Symbols range, at codepoint U+262B (☫) under the name "FARSI SYMBOL".


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