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آزادراه 5(ایران)

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Freeway 5 Route information Length: Major junctions From:   To: Location Provinces: Major cities: Highway system
5 آزادراه
Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf) Freeway
Part of AH2 AH8
415 km (258 mi)
Tehran, Tehran Azadegan Expressway
Road 65 Freeway 6 Road 48 Road 56 Road 37 Road 41
Sar Bandar, Khuzestan Road 96
Tehran, Markazi, Qom, Lorestan, Khuzestan
Parand, Tehran Saveh, Markazi Salafchegan, Qom Arak, Markazi Borujerd, Lorestan Khorramabad, Lorestan Andimeshk, Khuzestan Shush, Khuzestan Ahvaz, Khuzestan

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This part of Freeway 5 is a freeway in Iran connecting two cities of Tehran and Bandar Imam via Saveh, Arak, Borujerd, Khorramabad, Andimeshk and Ahvaz. This freeway is part of North-South Corridor. It starts from Azadegan Expressway and ends at Bandar Imam. It runs along Road 65, Road 56 and Road 37. The AADT of the section from Ahvaz to Bandar Imam is 15000, of which 2500 are Iraqi Tankers.

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  • 2 Parts under construction
  • 3 Planned parts
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  • 6 Tehran-Pardis Freeway
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Completed parts
  • Tehran-Saveh-Salafchegan - 178 kilometres (111 mi)
  • Arak Northern Bypass - 45 kilometres (28 mi)
  • Khorramabad-Pol-e-Zal - Andimeshk 147 kilometres (91 mi)
  • Ahvaz-Bandar Imam 90 kilometres (56 mi)
Parts under construction
  • Arak-Borujerd-Khorramabad 134 kilometres (83 mi)
Planned parts
  • Salafchegan-Arak
  • Khorramabad Southern Bypass
  • Andimeshk-Ahvaz
Detailed Characteristics From North to South From South to North
Under Construction
Azadegan Expressway
Tehran Municipal District 18
Tehran Toll Station
Eslamshahr-Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi Expressway North to Ahmadabad-e Mostowfi-Tehran South to Eslamshahr
Nasimshahr Dehshad-e Bala
Tehran Cargo Terminal
North to Shahriar-Shahedshahr-Sababshahr South to Golerstan
Negarestan Service Station
North to Alard-Shahriar South to Robat Karim-Centre
Robat Karim-South Shahrak-e Parandak
Parand Imam Khomeini International Airport Towards Road 65
Parand Toll Station
Road 65 North to Robat Karim South to Parandak
Tehran Province Markazi Province
Rudshur Power Plant
Road 65
Service Station
Soltan Ahmadlu
Freeway 6 Towards Hamadan
Kaveh Toll Station
Kaveh Industrial Park
Road 48 Towards Saveh
Saveh Toll Station
Hoseinabad Emamabad
Service Station
Markazi Province Qom Province
Service Station
Salafchegan Toll Station
Road 56 East to Qom West to Arak
Continues as: Road 65 South Towards Delijan-Isfahan
Under Construction
Qom Province Markazi Province
Under Construction
Road 56 East to Salafchegan-Qom-Tehran West to Arak
Arak Airport Arak
Road 47 North to Farmahin-KomeyjanSouth to Arak
Marzijaran Arak
Road 56 West to Arak East to Mohajeran-Borujerd-Malayer
Under Construction
Markazi Province Lorestan Province
Under Construction
Road 37 North to Khorramabad South to Pol-e Dokhtar
Khorramabad Toll Station
Pol-e Zal Toll Station
Road 37 North to Pol-e Dokhtar-Khorramabad South to Andimeshk
Lorestan Province Khuzestan Province
Road 37 North to Pol-e Dokhtar South to Andimeshk-Dezful-Ahvaz
Under Construction
Road 86 East to Omidiyeh-Ramhormoz Modares Expressway Towards Ahvaz Ahvaz Northern Bypass Expressway Ahvaz Southern Ring Road
Ahvaz Toll Station
Service Station
Shahrak-e Shahid Chamran
Road 96 East to Mahshahr-Omidiyeh-Ramshir-Bushehr West to Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni-Abadan
  • Junction with Road 56 in Salafchegan

Tehran-Pardis Freeway

Freeway 5 Route information Length: Major junctions From:   To: Location Provinces: Major cities: Highway system
5 آزادراه
Tehran-Pardis Freeway آزادراه تهران-پردیس
23 km (14 mi)
Tehran, Tehran Babayi Expressway
Road 77
Pardis, Tehran Bumehen Southern Bypass Freeway Road 77
Tehran, Tehran Pardis, Tehran

Highways in Iran


Detailed Characteristics From North to South From South to North
Bumehen Southern Bypass Freeway
Bumehen Northern Bypass Freeway

Road 77 North to Bumehen-Rudehen South to Pardis-Jajrud

Road 77 North to Bumehen South to Jajrud Khalij-e Fars Boulevard Pardis-Centre Estalak
Pardis Toll Station
Road 77 North to Bumehen South to Jajrud
Road 77 North to Jajrud South to Tehran
Babayi Expressway

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