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Iran Darroudi (born September 2, 1936 in Mashhad) is an Iranian, ethnic Persian khorasani artist.

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Darroudi studied at Ecole Superier des Beaux-Arts in Paris, history of art at the École du Louvre in Paris, stained glass at the Royal Academy of Brussels, and television direction and production at the R.C.A. Institute in New York.


Darroudi''s first solo exhibition was held in Miami in 1958 at the invitation of the Florida State Art Center. She also took an English language course at Columbia University.

Her first exhibition in Iran was held in April 1960 at the Farhang Hall. She wrote articles on the history of art and art criticism for Kayhan newspaper. In the winter of 1966 in New York, she met and married Parviz Moghaddasi, who was studying television direction. The couple worked at the newly established Iranian television organization as producer and director for six years.

In 1968 she made 55 minute long documentary about the 1968 Venice Biennial. She was appointed as an honorary professor at the Industrial University of Tehran, teaching art history. In 1969 the ITT Corporation commissioned her to paint Iranian Oil. She held successful exhibitions in Paris and at the Atrium Artist Gallery, Geneva, and a month later at Galarie 21, Zurich.

In 1974 a film on Darroudi''s life was broadcast on American television. She met Salvador Dalí and Tago Seizi. In 1976 she exhibited at the Mexican Museum of Art, where Antonio Rodriquez praised her as one of the world''s four greatest painters. In 1978 she moved to France.

Her husband died in 1985 and her first work after his death was Assumption of Parviz. Her autobiography, In the Distance Between Two Points, was published in 1997.

Selected solo exhibitions

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