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Foundation, Nonprofit Organization
63 New Cavendish Street London W1G 7LP United Kingdom
  • London, United Kingdom
Sedigheh Rastegar
Vahid Alaghband
Kimya Kamshad

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The Iran Heritage Foundation (Persian: بنیاد میراث ایران‎) is a non-political UK registered charity with the mission to promote and preserve the history, languages and cultures of Iran and the Persian world. The objectives of the Foundation are pursued by organizing, on a worldwide basis, diverse activities of cultural or scholarly merit. IHF programs include academic research, publishing and fellowships at top universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, St Andrews University, and Exeter University and at museums in the United Kingdom and abroad. Recently, the foundation launched Institutional Partnership programs with posts supported at the Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, and St Andrews University and at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Freer Gallery of Art, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and the Smithsonian Institution.

In 2009, Iran Heritage Foundation in association with the British Museum opens the Abbas I of Persia: the remaking of Iran exhibition in London. Vahid Alaghband, Chairman of the Iran Heritage Foundation and Group Chairman of Balli Group, commented:

Shah ''Abbas was the most eminent ruler of the Safavid dynasty in Persia who, with his military successes and efficient administrative system, raised Iran to the status of a great power. When he died his dominions extended from the Tigris to the Indus. Through trade and diplomacy he fostered good relations with Europe and welcomed European diplomats in Iran, whilst ushering in a golden period for Persian art. He commissioned many beautiful works of art, grand architecture and restored major monuments across the country. Today, his legacy lives on, in the magnificent buildings of Isfahan and through his opulent gifts found in many Iranian holy shrines.

The foundation source of funding is from contribution by Trustees and Patrons as well as fund-raising events organized throughout the year, the Norouz Gala in London is an event celebrating the Iranian new year. The foundation also receives funding from Iranians abroad or Iranian diaspora. The foundation does not accept financial support from any government organisations or lobbying groups.

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