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Iran Khodro Diesel Company is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, minibuses & vans) in the Iranian market and in the market of several other countries in the Middle East, CIS and Africa with half a century experience under license of Daimler Benz (Germany). Iran Khodro Diesel Company has almost 80% of bus and about 70% of the local market share.

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Iran Khodro Diesel Company was established initially under the name of Khawar Industrial Group in early 1966. The company started its production by assembling one truck a day but after a short period due to the increase demand for commercial vehicles developed production and assembling lines.

In 1999 Iran Khodro Company merged its bus and midi-bus production lines with Khawar Industrial Group truck production lines together and the new company Iran Khodro Diesel, public joint stock was born to manufacture different types of commercial vehicles for domestic and overseas markets.

Today, Iran Khodro Diesel has a wide production site of 600,000 square metres (6,500,000 sq ft).

Innovation and quality

The exacting competitive nature of the automotive industries and the essential need for continuous technological innovations for the same as well as the rapid developments in the transportation industries on one hand and the ever-pressing need for the production of the more advanced varieties of commercial vehicles on the other hand, have imposed the imperative necessity for the promotion of the quality and production controls which are to be well compatible with and in true conformity to the standards set for the same on the international scales.

Production and exports

The company''s total annual productions is over 20.000 units of heavy and semi-heavy vehicles such as different types of truck chassis (Tipper, Trailers, Lorries, Cement mixers, Fuel tankers, ...), buses (city buses, , intercity buses and coaches, luxuries VIP buses) and minibus has brought the honor of turning the company into world class, leader manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region.

Iran Khodro Diesel Company has almost 80% of bus and about 70% of the local market share and exports its products to many countries like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea, Gambia, Ghana and Venezuela, Egypt.

Products & Concepts ProductsIran khodro diesel Minibus O511 designed by Sivan design groupMercedes Benz L-Lk 1924 , made by iran Khodro Diesel ProductName Brief Description
Mercedes-Benz Actros Tripper
Mercedes-Benz Axor Tripper & CARGO Truck
Mercedes-Benz Actros Tractor Truck
Mercedes-Benz Axor Tractor Truck
Khawar 2624 Tractor Truck
Khawar 1924 Tractor Truck
Khawar 608 Light truck
Hyundai Mighty Light truck
Hyundai Chorus Minibus
GAZelle Van
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance
O457G&OSG CNG City bus
O457 City bus
C457 Intercity bus
CNHTC HOWO Tractor Truck
Concepts ConceptName Brief Description
Minibus O511 Minibus
FLO 457 City bus
Affiliated companies

Iran Khodro Diesel Company is holding by itself several affiliated companies manufacturing required components and parts for production namely as follows: IDEM (Iran Diesel Engine Manufacturing) Engine Manufacturer under license of Daimler Benz Germany. From 2002 IDEM, IKD, TKC & EPCO entered to a mutual Project with overseas partners to convert Mercedes OM457 Diesel Engines to CNG dedicated Engines for buses and Hyundai D4AL Minibuses. CHARKHESHGAR Gearbox Manufacturer under the license of ZF Germany VAMCO Axles Manufacturer EPCO Engineering & Procurement Company of Iran Khodro Diesel, the EPCO or IKD EPCO in charge to develop the supply chain companies of IKD in Engineering, Quality, purchasing and supply terms within two main local and overseas approaches TKC Center of Research and Development and innovation in charge to maintain Research and Development activities of commercial vehicles and IKD''s products GOVAH After Sales and spare parts Service Company

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