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The Iran Language Institute (Persian: کانون زبان ایران) is a state-owned, non-profit organization founded in 1979 in Iran with the national mission of developing foreign language learning. It''s a subsidiary of Institute for the Intellectual Development. The headquarters of this institute is located in Tehran with teaching schools in 32 cities across the country. The institute offers language courses in Persian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

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Levels to go before TOEFL (English)
  • Basic (in 3 books)
  • Elementary (in 3 books)
  • Pre intermediate (in 3 books)
  • Intermediate (in 3 books)
  • High intermediate (in 3 books)
  • Advanced (in 3 books)
  • Arabic Levels
  • Basic / Arabic: الاساسیة‎ (in 1 book)
  • Elementary / Arabic: التمهیدیة‎ (in 4 books)
  • Intermediate /Arabic: المتوسطة‎ (in 4 books)
  • Advanced / Arabic: العالیة‎ (in 4 books)
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