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- Mehr / Baghayadish: 7th month of Persian Solar Calendar.Mehr has 30 days and begins on September and ends on October. Mehr is the 1st month of autumn. Iranian civil calendar (September 23 - October 22).- Mehr also has different meanings in Persian such as kindness, sun.- Mehri is an ancient Persian Religion.- Mehregan is of month name Persian Festivities celebrated in Mehr (Wikipedia) - Mehr Not to be confused with myrrh.
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Mehr, or Mihr may refer to:

Zoroastrian names
  • Mehr, an alternative name for Mithra, a Zoroastrian divinity.
  • Mehr (month), the seventh month of the year and the sixteenth day of the month of the Iranian Calendar and Zoroastrian calendar, which are dedicated to the namesake divinity
  • Mehr''s day, or Mehregan, the Zoroastrian/Iranian festival celebrated in honor of Mehr/Mithra
  • Mehr, an Islamic-Iranian epithet of the sun during the month of Ramadan
  • Mehr (name)
  • Mihrişah Valide Sultan (ca. 1745 – 1805), Genoese spouse of Ottoman sultan Mustafa III and the mother of sultan Selim III
  • Amina Mihr-i Shah (ca. ? – 1732), French second spouse of Ottoman sultan Ahmed III and the mother of sultan Mustafa III
  • Mihrimah Sultan (ca. 1522 - 1578), the daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Mehrdad ("given by Mehr"), Greek Mithridates, the throne name of several kings
  • Mihr-Mihroe, 6th century Sassanid general
  • House of Mihran, a Parthian clan and an Armenian king
  • Mehr Jesia, Indian supermodel
  • Farhang Mehr, former deputy prime minister of Iran
  • Veh Mihr Shahpur an Armenian king
  • Mehr, alternate spelling of Mohr, Fars, a city in Iran
  • Mihrimah Mosque, an Ottoman mosque located just inside the Edirnekapı District on the Walls of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (Üsküdar), an Ottoman mosque located in the historic center of the Üsküdar municipality in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Kabud Mehr, a village in Iran
  • Mehr, Ilam, a village in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Mehr-e Olya, a village in Markazi Province, Iran
  • Mehr-e Sofla, a village in Markazi Province, Iran
  • Mehr, Razavi Khorasan, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran
  • Darb-e Mehr, Mithra''s court, an alternate name for a Zoroastrian fire temple
  • Mihr, an he Iranian village said to have once been the site of Adur Burzen-Mihr, one of the legendary Great Fires of Zoroastrianism
  • Mihr''s foot, another name for the Pamir Mountains
  • Mehr, a district of Rees, Germany

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