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Petersburg ?

Petersburg Definition

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Petersburg, or Petersburgh, may refer to:

In Australia:

  • Petersburg, former name of Peterborough, South Australia

In Russia:

In the United States:

  • Petersburg, Alaska
  • Petersburg, California
  • Petersburg, California, former name of Greasertown, California
  • Petersburg, Delaware
  • Petersburg, Georgia
  • Petersburg, Illinois
  • Petersburg, Indiana
  • Petersburg, Delaware County, Iowa
  • Petersburg, Muscatine County, Iowa
  • Petersburg, Boone County, Kentucky
  • Petersburg, Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • Petersburg, Michigan
  • Petersburg, Nebraska
  • Petersburgh, New York
  • Petersburg, Burke County, North Carolina
  • Petersburg, Madison County, North Carolina
  • Petersburg, Onslow County, North Carolina
  • Petersburg, North Carolina, former name of Moravian Falls, North Carolina
  • Petersburg, North Dakota
  • Petersburg, Ohio
  • Petersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Petersburg, Tennessee
  • Petersburg, Texas
  • Petersburg, Virginia
  • Petersburg, West Virginia
  • Petersburg, Wisconsin

In Canada:

  • Petersburg, Ontario

Petersburg may also refer to:

  • Petersburg (novel), 1913 novel by Andrei Bely
  • Siege of Petersburg, a battle of the American Civil War

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