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Updated:Monday 13th October 2014

Rial Definition

Unit of currency in Iran; Oman; Saudi Arabia; Yemen ; coin formerly used in England and Scotland. The word Rial is thought to be driven either from Real or Royal. (Wikipedia) - Rial

Rial or RIAL may refer to:

  • Rial (surname), a surname (and list of people with the name)
  • Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning, McGill University
  • Rial Racing, a German Formula One team that raced between 1988 and 1989

In currency, a rial or riyal (Arabic: ريال riyāl, named after the Spanish real) may refer to:

  • Iranian rial, the currency of Iran
  • Omani rial, the currency of Oman
  • Yemeni rial, the currency of Yemen
  • Moroccan rial, a former currency of Morocco
  • Tunisian rial, a former currency of Tunisia
  • The Hejaz riyal
  • The Qatari riyal
  • The Saudi riyal
  • A popular nickname for the 20-piastres Egyptian coin.:

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