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- William Healy Sullivan United States Ambassador to Iran from 1977 to 1979. (Wikipedia) - Sullivan

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People Main article: Sullivan (surname) Fictional characters
  • Chloe Sullivan, from the television series Smallville
  • Harry Sullivan (Doctor Who), from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who
  • James P. Sullivan (Monsters Inc.), aka "Sulley", from the 2001 computer animated comedy film Monsters, Inc.
  • John ''Sully'' Sullivan, from the television series Third Watch
  • Jordan Sullivan, from the television series Scrubs
  • Morgan Sullivan, an alias of the fictional protagonist of the film Cypher
  • Sam Sullivan, from the television series The Loop
  • Ray Sullivan, fictional Governor and Republican nominee for Vice President on the series The West Wing
  • Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill), an antagonist of the video game Silent Hill 4: The Room
  • Victor Sullivan, character from the video game Uncharted franchise.
  • Sullivan, Quebec
United States
  • Sullivan, California
    • Sullivan, Kern County, California
    • Sullivan, Sutter County, California
  • Sullivan, Illinois
  • Sullivan, Indiana
  • Sullivan, Kentucky
  • Sullivan, Maine
  • Sullivan, Missouri
  • Sullivan, New Hampshire
  • Sullivan, New York
  • Sullivan, Ohio
  • Sullivan (town), Wisconsin
    • Sullivan, Wisconsin, village within the town
  • Sullivan City, Texas
  • Sullivan (crater on Mercury)
  • Sullivan (crater on Venus)
  • Sullivan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding, developing, and furthering the careers of promising opera singers in the United States
  • Sullivan (band), an alternative rock band from Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Sir Arthur Sullivan, composer, of the team Gilbert and Sullivan
Other uses
  • Sullivan reaction, a chemical reaction
  • Sullivan Expedition, a United States Revolutionary War offensive against the Seneca Nation of Indians
  • Silky Sullivan, racehorse
  • New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, a United States Supreme Court case

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